DOH: Serious COVID Cases Deaths Remain High Among Unvaccinated

The Department of Health (DOH) revealed Monday that 77.4 percent of 6,254 COVID-19 passings between November 5 and February 6 are either to some degree immunized or unvaccinated.

From similar report, 71.8 percent of the 7,620 extreme and basic cases recorded on a similar period are additionally among the people who are somewhat immunized or unvaccinated.

This, said DOH, demonstrates that unvaccinated and somewhat immunized individuals are bound to encounter serious or basic COVID-19 contaminations.


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“Besides, among these affirmations, serious and basic side effects are 1.63 times bound to happen among non-completely immunized people contrasted with completely inoculated people, while death from COVID-19 is 2.08 times more probable in non-completely immunized people,” the DOH clarified.

As per the DOH, this is additionally predictable with logical proof and demonstrates that COVID-19 immunizations safeguard against serious sickness and passing.

“Immunization is as yet the nation’s drawn out arrangement against the outcomes achieved by the COVID-19 pandemic,” the DOH said.

As of Feb. 7, the DOH said that there are presently 1,495 extreme cases and 335 basic cases in 116,720 right now dynamic diseases.

In the interim, inoculation endeavors for the more youthful age bunch, youngsters matured 5 to 11, began on Feb. 7.