Yoga is a practice for the mind and body. There are various types and styles of yoga, yoga combines physical postures, breathing patterns, meditation, and relaxation to promote mental health and well-being.


WHAT EXACTLY IS YOGA? Yoga came from the Sanskrit word “yug”  which means to join.

Yoga has been around 5,000 years old and can be traced back to northern India. It was said that Indian Monks spread their knowledge of Yoga in the Western world around the late 1890s. Nowadays, modern yoga teaching became popular in Western countries by the 1970s.


Yoga has different branches. Each branch represents a different focus and set of characteristics.

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Hatha yoga: This is the physical and mental branch that aims to prime the body and mind.

Raja yoga: This branch involves meditation and strict adherence to a series of disciplinary steps known as the eight limbs of yoga.

Karma yoga: This is a path of service that aims to create a future free from negativity and selfishness.

Bhakti yoga: This aims to establish the path of devotion, a positive way to channel emotions and cultivate acceptance and tolerance.

Jnana yoga: This branch of yoga is about wisdom, the path of the scholar, and developing the intellect through study.

Tantra yoga: This is the pathway of ritual, ceremony, or consummation of a relationship.

TYPES OF YOGA – Modern Yoga focuses on exercises, strength, agility, and breathing. It can boost physical and mental well-being. There are several styles of yoga, a person can pick a style based on their goals and fitness level.

BENEFITS OF YOGA – 94% of adults who practice yoga do it for wellness reasons. Below are the benefits of practicing yoga.

Building muscle strength

Enhancing flexibility

Support heart health

Improves sleep pattern

Enhances better breathing

Reducing stress, anxiety, and chronic pain

Enhances overall well-being and quality of life

SUMMARY – Yoga is an ancient practice that has changed over time.

Modern yoga focuses on poses designed to stimulate inner peace and physical energy. Ancient yoga did not place as much emphasis on fitness. Instead, it revolved around cultivating mental focus and expanding spiritual energy. People with certain health conditions, such as sciatica, should approach yoga slowly and with caution.

Yoga can help support a balanced, active lifestyle.