5 Things You Should Check Before Going On A Ride

Riding a motorbike is quite possibly one of the most exciting things out there. Especially if your motorbike of choice sits on the high-performance side of things. If that’s the case, then chances are you’re the owner of quite a technologically advanced motorbike. Now, whether or not you have the technical aptitude to work on and maintain your motorbike, there are a few things you should always check before hopping aboard your two-wheeled steed.


Always make sure to test your bike’s chain. There are 3 matters that you must especially look out for. The first would be seen signs of damage. If floor rust has started to form in your chain, that is an indication that it’s in dire need of lubrication. If you’re lucky, you’ll be capable of eliminating the rust with a steel brush, reapply chain lube, and be on your manner.

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The subsequent issue you have to appearance out for are stiff hyperlinks at the chain. Stiff links can be caused by rust, corrosion, or dust which managed to make its manner in among the chain links. Lastly, check your motorcycle’s chain anxiety. A chain which is too unfastened can slap around and united states of america itself from the sprocket and motive the rear wheel to fasten up and have you crash your bike. Conversely, a sequence that’s too tight can cause undue wear on your drivetrain in addition to a variety of resistance to the clean rotation of your rear wheel.


If you very own a liquid-cooled motorbike, your motorbike’s coolant serves as an important element in preserving your motorcycle’s engine safe and performing at its nice. Coolant serves functions. The first of which is, of direction, to deplete warmth out of your bike’s engine after passing via channels designed particularly to chill your motor. The 2d is to save you rust and corrosion on your motorbike’s coolant gadget, which includes the water pump, radiator, hoses, and coolant strains.

Engine Oil

Just like your tires, it is able to be all too smooth to miss checking the oil level and standard circumstance of your motorbike’s engine oil. Most motorcycles are ready with either a sight glass on the facet of the crankcase or a dipstick constructed into the oil filler cap. When checking your oil level, ensure that it’s right inside the middle of the excessive and coffee degree markers. Having an excessive amount of or too little oil could have damaging effects on the performance and durability of your bike’s engine.

Apart from oil degree, checking your engine oil’s circumstance is a barely greater worried technique. If your motorbike has a sight glass, shining a light onto the oil will let you look at its shade, or if there are impurities along with gunk, steel flakes, or worse, coolant blended into your engine oil. If your bike has an engine oil dipstick, wipe a number of it off onto an easy paper towel to check its ordinary condition. Remember to comply with your motorcycle’s recommended oil change intervals.


Tires are by far one of the most important parts of your motorcycle. After all, they’re the only things that ought to remain in constant contact with the ground. The old saying “rubber side down, shiny side up” holds a lot of truth, in a sense that a tiny patch of rubber is really the only thing keeping us away from disaster. On top of this, overlooking our bike’s tires can be all too easy, especially if they seem to be in good condition at first glance.

Alas, there could be some hidden gremlins hiding in plain sight. Double-check the depth of your tires—are there any noticeable gashes, tears, or missing bits of thread? How do the sidewalls look? Are there any lumps, punctures, or other deformities? Ensuring your tires are in top shape is a great first step in ensuring that your motorcycle is able to perform its best, give you the most enjoyment, and most importantly, keep you safe.


Last but not least, brakes are pretty probably one of the maximum vital protection capabilities on any motorbike. Responsible for slowing you down and placing you appropriately to a forestall, there’s nothing worse than dropping your brakes in the center of a journey. To make things worse, it could be as a substitute hard to look into the general condition of your brakes, because it’s composed of pretty some parts.

The first element you need to look at must be the brake pads and rotors. Make certain that there’s nonetheless enough meat at the pads. Double test that there isn’t any scoring or warping in your rotors. Once you’re achieved with that, take a look at the overall situation of your brake fluid. Does the lever feel spongy? If it does then probabilities are some air has gotten into the machine and your brakes can be in need of a bleed.