Ace Trump – Super Trump Game

Ace Trumps is an early version of the popular card game Top Trumps, released from 1976-1984 by German company Altenburg-Stralsunder. Before releasing Ace Trumps, Ace also released numerous Quartet games. These packs had 32 cards in each instead of Winning Moves’ Top Trumps, which generally had 30 cards.


There were also Special Trump Cards versions of Ace Trumps. These were unheroic and red cards. However, everyone must give the owner of that card their coming card, If the unheroic card was the coming card for a player. However, everyone has to give them the top card from their pile, If they get the red card. (

Each pack of Ace Trumps is based on a theme, similar to cars, aircraft, animals, or boats. Unlike the ultramodern Top Trumps, Ace Trumps did not release any packs requiring a license, such as Television and Film shows.

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Each card in the pack shows a list of numerical data about the item. For illustration, in a pack grounded on cars, each card shows a different auto model, and the stats and data may include its engine size, weight, length, and top speed.

All the cards are dealt with among the players. There must be at least two players and at least one card for each player. The starting player ( typically the player sitting on the dealer’s leftism) selects a category from their topmost card and reads out its value. Each other player also reads out the value of the same category from their cards. The best ( usually the largest) value wins the” trick,” and the winner takes all the cards of the trick and places them at the bottom of their pile. That player also looks at their new topmost card and chooses the category for the next round. Ace introduced the Super Trump, which beats all other cards except “A” cards regardless of its data.

The cards are placed in the center in a draw. A new category is chosen from the next card by the same person as in the previous round. The winner of that round obtains all of the cards in the center and the top card from each player.

The game ends when one player has won all of the cards of the other players.


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