BOTW – Legend Of Zelda

Breath of the Wild opens with the game series main hero Link awakening in a cave. A very mysterious voice guided him to a tablet that identically resembles a Nintendo switch console. In this article, we will be going to discuss why Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best Nintendo Switch exclusive games that has ever been developed.

GAMEPLAY: Breath of the Wild or BOTW is a combination of complex gameplay with smooth handling. Nintendo is really clever in designing their gameplay with BOTW because they made it easy for you to switch weapons using the directional button without having you to open the inventory menu.

The directional button also has another function, it let you swap different magics and skills. The ice magic or skills will let you create ice blocks, lift things from the water, or you can even use it as passage across rivers.

GRAPHICS: Personally I really loved the graphics of BOTW. The scenery is very pleasant in my eyes. I love the greens and blue hues. The landscapes are truly a masterpiece. The subtle touches of grass blowing in the wind, the gentle breeze, the roaring waves, and even the burning grasses are fun to look at. Aside from the beautiful scenery and landscapes, Nintendo also provided us with several characters and even enemies. The bokoblins, the divine beasts, and even Calamity Ganon have an interesting steamed punk vibe to them.

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SHIEKAH SLATE AND SHRINES: The Shiekah Slate is a multipurpose tablet that you can use to access the Hyrule Kingdom Map. The shiekah slate another purpose is to access the Shrines. Shrines are those weird runes that emerge from the ground when Link’s awoken. Each shrine has different puzzles and challenges, Link has to beat the shrine in order to meet the Monks who will gift him spirits orbs.

OVERALL: I am still playing BOTW as of this moment, I’ve already spent 100 hours playing BOTW but there are still tons of things to do. For me, BOTW is one of the most engaging video game I have ever played.