Sinigang na Corned Beef – Canned Thoughts Specials

Sometimes we received grocery food assistance from our LGU or the Local Government Unit, which has assorted canned goods, rice, and noodles. Turn your canned goods into something different. Inplay Asia Lifestyle would like to share this recipe. 

Using Corned Beef gives a greater umami taste for your preferred sinigang, and its manner greater less expensive than the usage of the standard meat beef or pork.  It’s smooth and brief to make for you and your own circle of relatives, and it’s wholesome because you may upload specific sorts of veggies to your liking.

Sinigang Na Corned Beef Recipe


1 can (260g) corned beef
1 medium-length onion, quartered
three tomatoes, quartered
1 labanos(radish), sliced diagonally
1 – 3 sili haba (finger chili), sliced
1 bunch kangkong (water spinach)
1 bunch okra
1 (22g) sinigang mix (tamarind mix)

five-6 cups water

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Cooking Procedure:

  1. In a large pot with water, onions, and tomatoes.  Simmer for 4-five mins over medium heat.
  2. Add labanos(radish), okra(lady’s finger), sili haba(green chili), corned beef and sinigang mix(tamarind mix). Cook till the vegetables are done.
  3. Add kangkong (water spinach).  Simmer for 1 minute.  Turn off the heat.  Serve in a bowl.  Best paired with steamed rice.

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