Things Must Have At Home During Brown Out.

Brownouts do happen, especially during rainy easons or unexpected maintenance or repairs on a particular area. Sometimes, it lasts more than an hour, affecting your daily tasks, especially work from home or online class. Here are some of the essentials you must have at home, especially during brownouts.

USB mini fan (optional)

Let’s start small! A USB mini fan will come in handy for warm days and nights, especially while you’re working. 


Rechargeable LED light

This particular item is essential at home for rotational brownouts or unexpected brownouts.

Power bank

Of course, there’s the last power outage essential: a reachable power bank. On a full day out, I’m already satisfied with my 10,000mAh power bank; however, to avoid the need to recharge it often, we recommend a 10,000mAh or higher. 


Portable power station

Willing to go all out? Then appearance no in addition to this mobile energy station that’ll render you unstoppable at some stage in power outages (ensure to always keep it charged, of course). The power station. Boasting 60,000mAh, this has sufficient power to charge your laptop, phone, electric fan — even your TV.  It can perform for as much as 24 hours and has enough ports to let you plug in several gadgets at one time.

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12V to 220 Power Inverter.


If a portable power station is too expensive, but you have a car, your battery is one of the best sources of electricity. This device also converts the 12V from your battery to 220V, perfect for working at home. 

Note: You can use an extension cord on this and plug only the most important ( laptop, pc, wifi router – if you are working from home or someone is having an online class) 


Car battery charger.

To charge the car battery after using it as a power source and avoid hard starting when you use your car.


All these items are available on Shoppe or Lazada. Just choose the best seller on these items.