‘Weightlifting’ video of Matteo slapped by bashers

‘Weightlifting’ video of Matteo slapped by basher; called clown, joker and ‘Hidilyn wannabe’

Even the weightlifting training of actor and athlete Matteo Guidicelli was slapped and slammed by some netizens.

A basher posted a hate comment against Sarah Geronimo’s husband on social media and even called him and his coach “copycat clowns” and “wannabe Hidilyns.”

Matteo posted a short video on his Instagram where he spread the good news to the people audience-he has already beaten his personal record in squatting in weightlifting.

He said that his training under athlete Arnold Aninion had good results.


“Training with Coach Arnold has always been ‘hard-working’ sessions. That’s why we do the ice baths for better recovery. Even if I disagree with him, I just do what he says at the end of the day. Just shut up and work mindset!

“Today we unlocked a PR on squats. 130kg. Posting the full video, for the full experience! Watch until the end !!” the caption of the actor in his weightlifting video.

Many liked and congratulated the actor-singer on his new achievement, but some were not happy with what he did and commented with unkind words.

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Even his coach was touched by the basher in his negative comment, “Who are these jokers, wannabe Hidilyns (laughing emoji).” Hidilyn is LEGIT, trained, sacrificed years to where she is now…

And here comes the copycat clowns (clown emoji), the fast track again? c’mon: Is there nothing you can do about it? ” hirit pa ng netizen na ang tinutukoy nga ay ang weightlifter at Olympic gold medalist na si Hidilyn Diaz.

Matteo didn’t miss it and answered the hater’s stretch but in a joking way. Aniya, “These clowns are too funny.”

His coach Arnold also replied to the netizen, “Talk is cheap. Come over anytime.”

He added, “Don’t touch Hidalyn (laughing emoji). Just speak for yourself and post your squat, then come to me.”

Some of Matteo’s Instagram followers defended him and really slammed the said basher. They said that he was just jealous of Sarah’s husband and just wanted to pay attention.

“Depth of pull. Maybe Matteo did something bad to you personally to make you stop like that.”

“You don’t need to engage in nonsense conversation with this kind of lowlife human/animal being. The moment you engage, you’re giving him the satisfaction he’s looking for. People like this poor animal/human don’t need any human attention/interaction at all. Nada.”

“Dude, 1st time seeing naeexercise? your brain lacks exercise. It shows based on your comment. lol! like CMON, THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR LIFE.”

“Seem to know their life story, you follow him for sure! You’re just envious. People hate what they dream of being! Bad character, bro. The pandemic is getting into you !!!”

Those are some of the comments of Matteo’s fans. 


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