K-Dramas To Watch On NETFLIX

If you are not watching K-dramas, then you are missing out in several ways. We have listed down several K-dramas that you should binge-watching on NETFLIX now.


If you are into zombie TV series and movies, the Kingdom is a good choice for you to watch. The kingdom is not just your simple and ordinary zombie apocalypse series, the kingdom is a historical zombie drama series about a crown prince who has to fight a mysterious zombie plague that threatens to end their glorious kingdom.



Kingdom Ashin of the north is a spin-off 2-hour length movie of the Kingdom series. Kingdom Ashin of the north tackles the journey of the series (antagonist?) for her revenge. We discovered where does that mysterious revival flower originate, and how did it reach the kingdom. You will enjoy the dark yet intriguing vibes from Kingdom Ashin of the north.

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It’s okay not to be okay is a very fun yet incurring Korean drama of 2020. This drama is all about how to cope with some mental issues. The lead character is a woman with an antisocial personality disorder and a man employed in a psychiatric ward. This drama series will surely make you sympathize with others.



Vincenzo is really interesting, the first episode was taken from Italy, if you are into mafia and crime series then Vincenzo will not disappoint you. Vincenzo Cassano is the titular character of the series, he is a handsome MAFIA lawyer from Italy who came back to Korea after the death of his mafia boss. This series is loaded with comedic characters and scenes.



Let us admit it, most of us are very much curious about NORTH KOREA. In this series, we will dive into the lives of several North Korean soldiers. Crashlanding on you is a series about an heiress/CEO from south Korea who accidentally crashes at North Korea’s sovereignty. Crashlanding on you is the perfect k-drama for hopeless romantic people like you.


That is all for now, we will list down more K-dramas soon for you to watch on Netflix.