Katips 2022

Vincent M. Taada is the writer and director of the 2021 Filipino period musical drama film Katips, often referred to as Katips: The Movie. It is based on Taada’s 2016 stage musical of the same name. It tells the story of a group of student activists from Quezon City’s Katipunan neighborhood who fight to oppose the declaration of martial law across the country in the 1970s. The movie also stars Dexter Doria, Lou Veloso, Johnrey Rivas, Adelle Ibarrientos, and Joshua Bulot in addition to Jerome Ponce, Vince Taada, Mon Confiado, Sazchna Laparan, and Nicole Laurel Asensio.

On November 27, 2021, at Gateway Mall in Quezon City, Katips was first shown to the media. On December 3, the general audience was given access to the film. It was originally planned to be a part of the Metro Manila Film Festival in 2021, but it was excluded from the final list of entries. It was re-released on August 3, 2022, earning little more than 4 million pesos to counter Maid in Malacaang’s debut. Both viewers and critics gave the movie favorable reviews. The movie garnered the most FAMAS Award nominations (17) of any movie in 2021 and won eight of them. Including Best Picture, Best Director (Taada), Best Actor (Taada), and Best Supporting Actor (Rivas).

Upon entering a new museum, a guide named Lira welcomes the visitor. Lira’s tour of the museum and a retrospective essay written by the museum curator for a book serves as the main narrative devices in Katips.

A picket rally was organized and attended by Greg, Panyong, Art, Alet, Estong, and Susie in the 1970s. Sister Claire and Sister Josie, two members of the Catholic Church, are also present. The protest, which served as the start of the First Quarter Storm, criticized the administration of the current Philippine President, Apo (a satirical reference to Ferdinand Marcos).

After meeting with government representatives to make their demands known. Including a nonpartisan constitutional convention, Ka Manding arrives at the gathering. He talks to a few other people about his daughter, who was traveling from the United States to the Philippines after her mother’s passing. Ka Manding is taken into custody for sedition and rebellion by a team of METROPOL (METROCOM) soldiers led by Lieutenant Sales as they arrive at the demonstration.

They suffocate Ka Manding as they drive away, and after making sure there are no witnesses, they dump his body off a cliff. Later, in the evening, the troops returned and beat the demonstrators with batons while dousing them with high-pressure water from a fire engine.

Greg encounters Ka Manding’s daughter, Lara, at the University of the Philippines sometime after Martial Law is declared. They take some of Ka Manding’s items from his residence and go to the Katips house, run by Alet, which serves as a haven for students who are still outside after curfew. The Philippine Collegian’s photographer, Art, introduces Lally to the paper’s authors, Bebang, Susie, and Panyong, who also contributes to Ang Bayan, the newsletter of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

The authors hurry home as curfew time draws closer. Panyong narrowly avoids being apprehended by METROPOL officers as he makes his way to the Katips residence. Lara gets into a heated argument with Panyong regarding martial law when he rants about American meddling in the Philippines. She also expresses sympathy for Apo. In the meantime, Art introduces Lally to his father, Mang Temyong.

A Metro Manila Aide who supports Apo and washes Manila’s streets to placate Imelda. After arguing with Lara over their opposing views on being a Filipino citizen. Alet shares the tale of her love interest, Ben, a desaparecido who vanished after participating in a large-scale demonstration. Lara then joins their cause when they reveal to her what happened to Ka Manding.

The main cast gathers once more to protest unjust work practices in front of La Disilleria, a distillery. Alet teases Panyong about being cold to her during dinner; Panyong defends himself and confesses his love for her. The next day, METROPOL cops show up at the picket, assaulting protesters and taking Art and Estong into custody. The encounter, which left the two detainees missing after they are not discover in adjacent precincts, has outraged the demonstrators.

A while later, Panyong and Greg prepare to return to the mountains as New People’s Army guerilla fighters. A soldier from METROPOL kidnaps Alet and takes her to a facility where she is tortured.

Art and Estong are seen undergoing horrendous torture at the hands of METROPOL personnel. They are electrocuted, burned with flat irons and cigarettes, forced to sit on ice blocks, and have their nails clipped with pliers. Sales assault Alet after telling her that Ben is still alive and that he deceived her into doing his job. Sales sexually assault Alet before shooting all three of them to death. Greg informed Panyong that her disfigured corpse had been located. He took Panyong to the spot where it had been discovered.

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Greggy is shown to be a lawyer for Claimants 1081. A group of victims of martial law, and a museum visitor in the present. Panyong, falsely believe to decease, is the museum’s curator. The elderly student activists from the 1970s arrive at the museum’s opening. The Bantayog ng mga Bayani, which honors those who suffered human rights violations while martial law was in effect.