Tsuburaya Productions Refuses to Change Ultraman For Hollywood

A previous interview with Tsuburaya Productions CEO Takayuki Tsukagoshi featured discussions surrounding expanding the legendary Ultraman series. Still, he also stressed that it is a Japanese work and noted the Western elements that destroy Japanese jobs will not be allowed near Ultraman.


Ultraman first appeared on TVs back in 1966. It has since remained an influential series; as such, Takayuki Tsukagoshi seems to take great care when handling it and is someone that specific disrespectful Western industries could do so possibly learn from.

He cut right to the heart of the matter, pointing out that, besides a terrible 4kids dub, Ultraman never had much of a presence in the West:

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Tsukagoshi stated that he wished “to send out new value-added works that are not in the Hollywood standard but have our unique genes, from Japan to Asia and the world. I want to put a message into our products and events based on our works, and I want to work with people from different industries to come up with concrete ideas for this.”

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Considering Love Hina‘s mangaka is running for political office to protect Japanese works from Western interference, creatives in Japan may finally be tired of it and are willing to actively fight back to protect their freedom of creativity and the integrity of their works that their real fans and paying customers to enjoy around the world.

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