Sharlene San Pedro Claps Back at Xian Gaza for Claims that Ricci Rivero Dumped Her for Andrea Brillantes

Star Circle Quest alumnus and actress-turned-streamer/vlogger Sharlene San Pedro claps back at Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza on Twitter after the self-proclaimed “pambansang marites’ made several posts on Facebook claiming that BingoPlus supporter and UP Fighting Maroons player Ricci Rivero dumped her to go official with Andrea Brillantes.

Xian Gaza’s opening hits

According to reports, Sharlene’s response came after several posts on Xian’s Facebook explicitly said that the actress was dumped by Ricci for his new girlfriend.


Xian also claimed that Ricci and Sharlene were “more than a love team” before becoming friends, which led him to Andrea, whom he labeled as “KSP ng taon.”


He also shared a photo of Sharlene with the caption, “natagpuang malungkot sa Quezon City.”


Round 2: Sharlene + Ricci vs. Xian Gaza

In a Twitter post, Sharlene responded to Gaza’s post by calling him out for spreading fake news, tagging him as a “clout chaser” who doesn’t have any admirers.

Her post reads,

“Shoutout sayo Xian Gaza tama na pagpapakalat ng fake news. Napaka clout chaser mo talaga di ko alam bat may naniniwala pa sa mga walang basehan na chismis na kinakalat mo.”


The 23-year-old basketball player being maligned in the posts, Ricci Rivero, also joined in the fray, retweeting Sharlene’s post about Xian.


Xian Gaza round 2: ‘Hindi ako basketball player…’

Sharlene’s seemingly harsh words towards Xian did not go unnoticed. The “pambansang marites” took the time to post an equally scathing response to Ricci Rivero’s retweet. He said Ricci is nothing but a handsome face if not for basketball. He also made a few other posts, sparking rumors regarding the trio and Ryzza Mae Dizon.

The post reads,

Walang nagkakagusto sa akin kasi hindi naman ako basketball player. Milyonaryo lang ako. Try mo alisin yang basketball sa buhay mo eh mukha kang poging tambay sa kanto na suma-sideline sa parlor tuwing alas tres ng madaling araw. Promise.”



He went as far as posting screenshots of posts between Ryzza and Ricci, exchanging praises.

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Netizens have expressed differing opinions regarding the issue, particularly the one relating to the best online bingo game platform, BingoPlus’, the newest supporter, Ricci Rivero. Some rushed to Xian’s defense. On the other hand, some others trashed the credibility of the “pambansang marites.” They even called out for the people involved to file a case of harassment against him.

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How about you, who do you think is telling the truth this time?