What Skills To Test When Hiring A React Native Developer?

React Native is a JavaScript framework, so a junior developer should know JavaScript ES6 or later, including all its features and enhancements. Thanks to Babel transpiler React Native supports many features of JavaScript ES2015, so you can utilize this technology without stressing over its compatibility with different devices. Some of the features of ES2015 in the given snippet are import, from, and class. If you aren’t comfortable with ES2015, you can pick it up just by going through sample codes from the resources listed under the resource section. In the next chapter, we’ll go over some of the main ways in which React Native differs from React for the Web, and cover some key concepts. If you’d like to skip straight to developing, feel free to jump to Chapter 3, in which we’ll handle setting up our development environment and write our very first React Native application.

This makes it the best choice for native app projects requiring an app for both the markets. React JS is a front-end library based on JavaScript for creating interactive UI web apps. React Native is a cross-platform framework for developing mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Although both technologies use reusable code, they still have some minor differences. For example, in React JS, components are named in the HTML format (p, h2, etc.), while in React Native they are View, Text, etc.

Our Client, the US farm-tech startup, came to Belitsoft to create a mobile and web app that resolves a rural labor shortage challenge across the USA. Belitsoft has helped the training company to deliver highly effective, personalized online learning through a custom LXP to their first corporate client. Even the library’s official website is called “reactjs.com,” although the headline says “React.” Thus, there is no difference. 3 Agile ReactJS Development — the work gets split into “sprints” (1-4 weeks depending on the project). At the end of each sprint there is a demo session where you can see the working functionality we’ve developed.

react native developer meaning

In this article, we saw that React Native is similar to React, which itself is a JavaScript library to make interfaces. Consequently, you need to ace web technologies like JavaScript, JSX and even CSS-like stylesheet syntax for component customization. Despite having a few complexities, the React Native Framework has breezed through every one of the tests and obstacles to end up as the first choice for many developers. The Cordova or Ionic produced graphical interface is shown through a Web View, which expels its productivity and quality and also the client experience.

Many people are currently assessing React Native as a platform to develop their next mobile app on. Switching your software development platform involves a high setup cost and will profoundly impact your daily programming workflow. It is also one of the costliest decisions to reverse after anything substantial has been built. Because React Native replicates front end design components of React JS, it means your web developers can make mobile apps with a little training if required. React Native allows cross platform development which means you can build apps for iOS and Android using the same code.

This also saves time in developing the application and making it ready for production. We are ready to make your unique idea real and profitable. Belitsoft’s team will create a React-based project of any complexity. Skilled developers will help you get a feature-rich, client-oriented application that will reach your business goals and receive highly positive feedback from your customers.

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A junior developer should have a solid understanding of the React Native framework, including its main components, APIs, and libraries. Let’s see what knowledge junior, middle, and senior React Native developers should have to understand what type of developer you need to meet your project requirements. To find an appropriate React Native developer for your project, you can divide candidates into three levels — junior, middle, and senior — according to their skills, experience, and knowledge.

  • Naturally, you’d also want to check in that same if statement that you’re not on the last page in your server pagination.
  • During one week, when the product team’s rotating tech support duty was mine, I was feeling a bit bored and frustrated with some of the bugs I was assigned to.
  • It will literally suck the soul along with any eventual developer happiness right out of your body.
  • With this setup RN supports new JavaScript (ES6+) features, e.g. arrow functions, async/await etc.
  • He is continuously working on improving his ever-expanding skillset.
  • React Native currently requires two separate implementations for the two platforms; DatePickerIOS and DatePickerAndroid, which would have required plenty of code duplication doing the same thing.

This gives you flexibility and the ability to process large amounts of data through your app. We can use your code without changes, and it will still work. If you hesitate which technologies will work best for your project, our consultants are ready to help. Belitsoft’s experts analyze your project from A to Z to choose the best programming language & framework.

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Sad that at least one of them cares so little about the customer that they allow themselves to arbitrarily take up other people’s time, causing months of expensive app launch delays. And so so happy that the same does not apply for the web . Evidently, approaching React Native as a web developer is bound to cause a few headaches. But for me, the worst headache by far was the development process imposed by Apple. I honestly can’t recall ever having experienced that many bottlenecks and schedule postponements caused by one single source. The client company is about to establish an in-house team of developers.

Finding someone who’s a cultural fit for your company means finding someone with a similar mindset who shares your company’s values. The framework empowers the making of a solitary code base that can be blended for iOS and Android. React Native, as any other technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide whether React Native is a good fit for your particular project, have a look at the cheat sheet below. If you are a web developer familiar with older standards of JS only, a portion of the above snippet probably won’t look like JavaScript to you.

react native developer meaning

It’s a WYSIWYG programming experience, a luxury that Xcode has never afforded you for your apps. With little experience in plain React.js prior to this, I now feel that I have most of the puzzle pieces in place for building bigger React apps targeting the DOM. Which would mean a 2x increase in the JS frameworks/libraries of my developer tool belt. A senior developer has comprehensive knowledge and skills in React Native development. This requires at least three years of experience and numerous successfully launched apps.


Images, I’ve come to learn, runs the biggest risk of becoming the one thing that makes your mobile app suck. What this does is basically giving your FlatList an identifier, so that it How to hire a React Native Developer can be called from a function elsewhere. If the value is 2, the function will be called already when you’re within 2 screen heights from the end, i.e. at the 80th item, and so on.

The second best learning resource I had access to was actually my colleagues. By a lucky coincidence, we were just getting started with a React Native project at the company where I worked until just a few months ago. Although I wasn’t on the project myself, I learned a ton from just talking to the guys on the project and reviewing their PRs.

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Take a look at some examples of successful healthcare companies utilizing its benefits. For our client, chief executive officer of a startup company from Germany, we successfully developed a chatbot to convert website visitors to leads and a database application to store them. A business owner located in the US came to Belitsoft to build a web and mobile-based startup marketplace with scheduling functionality. The Client is the US-based digital health company partnered with Belitsoft to make the patient recruitment workflow much more effective by developing a brand-new custom CRM Database. Testing React JS apps is easy due to the technology’s peculiarities. Our testers can easily track the performance of your UI with click events to ensure the layout is simple to use, effective, and flawless.

If it’s a problem that the compiler can solve, you let the compiler solve it – and tackle interesting problems instead. The fact that millions of drivers productively drive cars without wearing a seatbelt isn’t a good argument for cars with no seat belt. Similarly, the fact that millions of JavaScript developers productively use an inherently unsafe language isn’t a good argument for the use of unsafe languages. In various GitHub issues and forums posts, developers have claimed that their legal departments have advised them not to use React or React Native precisely because of this clause. Matters remain deplorably ambiguous for developers who don’t have a legal department at hand. Any changes in your JavaScript code can be instantly pushed to your users while the app is in production.

For example, a website may provide you with local weather reports or traffic news by storing data about your current location. So an ideal candidate should know how to improve the performance of a React Native app. You can ask them exactly how he will improve the performance. https://globalcloudteam.com/ While working with React Native, some knowledge of Redux is also useful. If your candidate doesn’t understand JavaScript well, you have to know that he’s not a right fit for your work. A good React Native programmer must know the JavaScript programming concepts very well.

Is he learning React Native or does he have some experience in it? The best thing you can find out from him is whether he has worked on a React Native project. So an excellent understanding of this computer language is crucial to work with React Native. Get Mark Richards’s Software Architecture Patterns ebook to better understand how to design components—and how they should interact. Reach out to the open source community to encourage and help implement mission-critical software fixes—React Native moves fast and often breaks things. React primitives render to native platform UI, meaning your app uses the same native platform APIs other apps do.

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React Native resembles React JS, however, it utilizes native components rather than web component as crucial building blocks. You have to see a portion of the fundamental React ideas, as JSX, components, state, and props to grasp the essential structure of a React Native application. Coming to React Native, the final User Interface does not simply render a web component inside a WebView. The User Interface is rendered using actual native views and fundamental building blocks that are indistinguishable from the apps built using Swift or Java. Depending on the type of mobile app that you need to be developed, you may need to test other skills as well. So take your time to think about what other skills your React Native developer should possess.

Of course, career strategy and work life happiness aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, I was very happy with my former job and employer. I just happened to find another project that I felt even more passionately about.

Flow, like unit testing and flossing, has the curse of being beneficial and optional and wearisome. If you forget to include a break statement in a clause of a switch statement, you fall through. Also, a switch statement doesn’t carry out checks for case exhaustivity. To add that taste of adventure to your control flow statements. JavaScript allows for objects to be left in an inconsistent state right after being created, as their properties don’t need to be initialised. In JavaScript, you can have any function throw a runtime error or exception, without warning.

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Businesses Hire React Native Developers to include new technologies like Node.js and React.js, which bring fruitful results. Yarn is a package manager that is built to utilize the npm registry. Yarn and npm somewhat compete today, but the mission of Yarn has been to solve a lot of the problems that are accepted in the Node/npm ecosystem. Npm has been doing everything it can to follow the patterns and practices that Yarn presents.

They need to understand all the nuances of offline data caching and be able to decide when it’s best to use ready-made code and when to create caching logic from scratch. Middle developers are specialists with at least two years of work experience. They have worked on several different projects and possess problem-solving skills, are able to work independently, and are willing to take ownership of their work. Even if a junior developer doesn’t have any work experience, they should have pet projects where they’ve practiced all these skills. Build a high-performing web application with our Vue.js development company.

But after a while, since I wanted a bit more flexibility in my uploading logic and didn’t want to put too much complex logic on the React Native side, I moved it all to the Rails backend. The final list topic I’d like to touch upon is scrolling to the top of the list with the press of a button. In my app, I currently have these buttons in the headers, but another common location for them is in the bottom tab buttons. The second problem I ran into with infinite scrolling was what I can only assume is a FlatList bug. Namely, that every single time I scrolled down passed the threshold, my handleLoadMore() function passed to the onEndReached prop would be called repeatedly, often more than 10 times in a row. Handle the three actions in the appropriate reducer, and if necessary add a new reducer and include that reducer in your root reducer.

And when they do, they’ll want the infrastructure to make it as easy as possible to add new people to the team. Again, my intuition and the react-navigation way of doing things diverged. Seeing as the createMaterialTopTabNavigator must be a pretty standard navigation component, I figured it should have a simple built-in header config in it’s navigationOptions. Turns out it doesn’t, which is why I was forced to use a StackNavigator in between, thus adding another layer of complexity to the infrastructure for a purely superficial purpose.

Since we talked about what is React Native, you might be confused about what ‘native app’ means. These items are required to enable basic website functionality. A coder who is good at English can easily understand the client’s requirements, assuming that the client provides their requirements in English. Your React Native developer should have strong communication skills. Ask your candidate how much knowledge he has of React Native.