MMA Joshua Pacio is Confident in third fight against Yosuke Saruta

Almost 21 months after his ultimate combat, one championship strawweight champion, Johsua Pacio, trusts that his self-assurance will carry him to victory in his 1/3 fight against rival Yosuke Saruta. Based on an exceptional interview with CNN Philippines, the 25-year-old prized fighter of team Lakay stated he used the layoff delivered about by the pandemic to paintings on being extra assured in all of his preventing styles.

Yosuke Saruta

“Kahit saan mapunta ‘yung laban, confident ako na advantage nating lahat [wherever the fight goes, i’m confident that we have an advantage]. It really is the aim, to be a higher individual every day and enhance all of our fight components,” Pacio stated. Pacio explained that during the lull, he assessed that one among his weaknesses became his hesitation to execute a fighting approach towards his opponent. The blended martial artist from Baguio town brought that his upcoming third combat towards Saruta was a want granted to him, as the Japanese stay the no. 1 contender for the one strawweight crown.

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“He certainly deserves to face me once more for the 1/3 time,” stated Pacio. Pacio said his self-assurance in all aspects of his game could be his source of electricity is going through Saruta for the third time in a single: revolution in Sept. 24.

“i want to show my self-belief in all elements of my sport. When I’m facing a wrestler, I will receive recognition on defence to take him down. When I am in opposition to a grappler, I’m able to have interaction extra in protection in his grappling,” Pacio explained. Saruta defeated Pacio via a cut up choice in their first come-up in 2019. The Filipino MMA star got his revenge three months later with a sensational knockout victory in the fourth round to reclaim the one strawweight belt.

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“ang certain na mananalo dito is kung sino ang makakapagbigay ng bagong abilties [the sure winner of our fight is the one who can demonstrate new skills],” said Pacio. Pacio stated he’s going to stick to the game plan and will purpose for any fight result, whether it is a choice, knockout, or submission. He sports a 17-three-zero win-loss-draw record, even as Saruta has a 21-9-3 slate.


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