Yamaha vs Maverick Vinales Is Getting Intense

The issue that occurred between the Yamaha team and Maverick Vinales made Valentino Rossi also open his voice regarding the increasingly heated dispute in the 2021 MotoGP paddock.

Yamaha is known to have surprisingly announced that Maverick Vinales will not appear in the 2021 Austrian MotoGP race series, Sunday (15/08/21) this weekend.

“Yamaha regrets to announce that Maverick Vinales has been withdrawn by the Monster Energy Yamaha team in the Austrian MotoGP race series,” the team said in a statement.

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Read also commits a serious violation, Maverick Vinales is prohibited from appearing in the Austrian MotoGP

The reason is that Yamaha announced that Vinales had committed a serious violation, namely trying to damage his own motorbike engine by driving his YZR-M1 irregularly during the Styria MotoGP race last weekend.

Vinales - Inplay Asia Moto GP

The Yamaha team has only just announced the news of the absence of Maverick Vinales, and has not provided further confirmation. Likewise with Vinales who prefers to remain silent.

But before that, Vinales, especially his father, had said that his son’s motorbike had been sabotaged by the Tuning team. This also adds to the tension in the relationship between Yamaha and Vinales.

The chaos that occurred at Yamaha also made a number of parties open their voices. One of them is Valentino Rossi, who for many years has defended the Yamaha team and was a teammate of Maverick Vinales. 


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