Yordenis Ugas defeated Manny Pacquiao.

Cuban Yordenis Ugas defeated Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, beating the Filipino boxing icon with a unanimous score at the T-Mobile Arena, and defeating the Filipino boxer with a composite victory. Idol. In his first game after two years of absence, Pacquiao had to watch every part of his 42-year-old career because the young Ugas used jabs and cleaner fists to keep his WBA second. Weight belt.

The 35-year-old Ugas was selected to face Pacquiao earlier this month. The original opponent of the eighth world champion Errol Spencer injured his eyes during training.

But the champion defender was outstanding. Seized the opportunity and won all three cards. One referee scored 115-113, and the other two referees scored 116-112.

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“That was boxing,” Pacquiao said discouragingly afterwards. 

“I had trouble making adjustments in the ring. My legs were tight. I’m sorry I lost tonight, but I tried my best.”

For Ugas, who won the WBA championship after Pacquiao, this It was a sweet victory.

 “I was stripped of my belt by the sanctions agency earlier this year because of inactivity. I am very excited, but most importantly, I want to thank Manny Pacquiao for giving me this opportunity to be in the ring today,” Ugas said. There are 12 knockouts to improve to 27-4. 

“We only had two weeks of training, but I listened to my opinion and everything was resolved.

” I told them I was a WBA champion and I showed it tonight. Very respectful (Pacquiao), but I won the battle. “

This loss will almost certainly raise doubts about the future of the sports in which Pacquiao has participated in the 72 games he played in 26 years since 1995, but Pacquiao maybe eighth in his brilliant career. There were almost no complaints about this defeat.

Pacquiao Vs Ugas - Inplay,Asia Boxing - Buksing, Boksing

Although the Filipino was aggressive from start to finish, advancing quickly from the first round, his fists rarely hurt Ugas, who cleverly used his advantages in stretch and height to defeat Pacquiao.

Ugas’ left fist caused Pacquiao trouble from start to finish, and he used a series of powerful powers to repeatedly cause damage. After a cautious first round, Ugas quickly won the middle round. In the fifth round, Pacquiao was surprised by the combination of left and right punches, and then ended the sixth round with another hard right punch. 17,438 spectators from T-Mobile tried to unite Pacquiao with the singing of “Manny, Manny”, but as the game progressed, the number of Filipino fans decreased. 

There is a cluster of red markings on Pacquiao’s cheeks and forehead, which proves that Ugas is getting more and more efficient, and he keeps moving forward while looking for a great round change. But Ugas was not rejected. Pacquiao entered the defensive state again in the 10th inning after a left-click double punch and a right uppercut in rapid succession, winning the last few rounds.

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