Average Download Speed PH

Average Download Speed PH

As indicated by Opensignal, the Philippines posted a normal download speed of 141.7 Mbps, marginally slower than Singapore’s 143.5 Mbps however quicker than Hong Kong’s 134.8 Mbps. South Korea has the area’s quickest 5G download speed of 380.5 Mbps. 


With a pinnacle download speed of 426.2 Mbps, Philippines is simply behind Singapore (579.1 Mbps) however in front of Thailand (414.9 Mbps). Taiwan has the quickest pinnacle download speed at 847.3 Mbps. 

As far as 5G transfer speeds, the Philippines is among the slowest at 12.1 Mbps, missing the mark concerning Japan’s 12.5 Mbps. Taiwan has the quickest transfer speed at 51.8 megabits each second. 

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The outcomes are really extraordinary for 5G encounters, like real-time video, web-based gaming, or talking. 

The Philippines scored 79.3 focuses for 5G video experience, 68.1 focuses on games, and 79.7 focuses on voice applications. Taiwan and South Korea keep on being the market chiefs as far as 5G encounters. 

In both the Download Speed and Video Experience upgrades, cell phone clients in the Philippines have encountered the most improvements somewhere in the range of 4G and 5G advances. 

While the Philippines doesn’t have the quickest 5G  rates in the Asia Pacific locale, it is one of the nations that saw a 10.4-overlay speed up over the more established 4G organization. Taiwan, as well, improved at a comparative rate. As far as video experience, 5G beat 4G by 29%. 

Generally, Opensignal has praised the Philippines’ 5G accessibility and reach, particularly given our geographic area. This can be seen with the new 5G rollouts of telco goliaths Globe and Smart.