Engkanto Wars – Philippine Made Android Game 

Engkanto Wars – Philippine Made Android Game 

Adventure across ancient Philippines and find out the magic of Engkanto Wars! Go Forth Engkantamer and defeat the evil Aswang and his minions. Answer Apolaki’s name for tamers and heroes as you fight to prevent the Philippines from being shrouded in darkness…

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Engkanto Wars is a flip primarily based totally function gambling sport, wherein you may take a part of the mystical fantasy of the Philippine archipelago. Capture Engkantos and educate them to combat the evil forces of Aswang. Perform Side missions throughout the archipelago to growth your experience. Secure resource from the historic Pantheon to combat off the invading hordes.


If you honestly choice a challenge, seek out the mythic Bakunawa the moon eater.


The game was developed by Funguy Studio as trial  way back 2014 but it was immediately discontinued.