Everything You need to Know on Intel

When you buy a laptop or PC (Intel), you will notice in the specs of the computer that you’re going to buy it has an AMD or Intel processor. But let us focus more on Intel on this topic. What do those I3 , I5, and I7 mean? Let us find out more in this article.

When it comes to desktop processors, the Intel Core Series is the best in the market right now. The Intel Core family processors have the Intel Core i3 which is made for affordability, the Intel Core i5 and the Intel Core i7 which are both designed for performance. But what is the difference? People can be quite confused in choosing processors for their computers; they tend to believe they use only what they think they know in some cases.

Other people think that the Intel Core i3 has three cores, the Intel Core i5 has cores and the Intel Core I7 has 7 cores. That’s not the way it is.

Let us look at the Intel Core processors like how we see automobiles: 

The Intel Core i3 processor is like your everyday go-to the car its certainly gets the job done and it takes you wherever you want to go, with this performance the basic.

Intel i3

Intel Core i5 which is more similar to luxury cars today. It can do what every car can with the added features making your driving experience fast, comfortable and enjoyable. It delivers a whole new degree of performance you won’t encounter any bumps in multimedia creation, gaming and multitasking will be a breeze. The Turbo Boost Technology is a feature inside the Intel Core i5. It’s very handy when you need that extra power and speed, same with your car that automatically goes at higher performance when you need that extra push.

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Intel i5

Intel Core i7 provides the most outstanding power and the best overall experience. The Intel Core i7 is like a sports car, not only is it the fastest vehicle on the road it’s also the most reliable and it gives you bragging rights as well. It’s top of the line, perfect for very demanding applications such as video editing, and graphic-intensive games are what the intel core i7 is made for. And not only does it have turbo boost, it also has hyper-threading hyper-threading which allows your computer’s operating system to see two cores instead of one by generating a virtual core for each real core so the intel core i7 which has four main cores acts like it has eight as such the workload can be shared between more cores and thus a task is completed much faster. However, remember that the fastest isn’t always the best. Just like cars, different situations require different vehicles.


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