Flashback Tech at Inplay Asia – Early Dual Sim Phone Adaptors

Some mobile phones support the use of two SIM cards, defined as dual sim operation. Whilst a second sim card is mounted, the telephone both allows customers to replace between two separate cell network services manually, has hardware assist for retaining each connection in a “standby” state for automatic switching, or has an individual for preserving each network connection immediately. Dual sim phones are mainstream in many nations wherein phones are normally bought unlocked.


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Dual sims are famous for setting apart personal and business calls, in places where decreased charges observe to calls between clients of the same company, in which a single network may lack comprehensive coverage, and for journey throughout countrywide and local borders. In countries in which twin sim telephones are the norm, folks who require the most effective one sim actually go away with the second sim slot empty. Twin sim telephones will normally have two specific IMEI numbers, one for each sim slot.


During the early 2000s, some dual sim adaptors were being sold, especially for Nokia. These adaptors can handle 2 SIM cards at the same time. However, these adaptors don’t make your SIM cards both standby, you’ll have to switch from one sim to another by typing the reset code *00#, or you’ll have to turn off the phone then use a switch that is built-in with the dual sim adaptor case to use another sim.


Here are some of the adaptors used during early 2000.

Image: Nokia 6210 Dual Sim Adaptor - WikiCommons
Image: Nokia 6210 Dual Sim Adaptor – WikiCommons
Nokia 3310 Dual Sim


Other Issues Using Those Adaptors

 The phone suddenly restarts when using it.

 The error occurs when reading both SIM Cards.

 The Phone slows down in terms of performance.