Old Laptop For The Last Time Around

Old laptop for the last time around


We have been spending throughout our working lives with our laptops. From simple games, movie streaming , work-related ones!  

As the time passes by, new laptop models are now in the market with better specs than before that can cope up with the apps today. You can purchase one, but what are you going to do with your old trusted laptop, especially when it has sentimental value on you?

Here are  some of the best way to maximize the performance 

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Reformat and Upgrade

Many older laptops can be formatted and installed with a fresh OS. An increase in memory (RAM) and a replacement of the old HDD unit with a faster SSD unit significantly improves the speed of the laptop. This is perfect for that laptop with 100% functioning.

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Turn It Into A Desktop.

If your laptop has defective parts such as LCD, keyboard, or battery as long as the others are still functioning . You can transform it into a desktop. Just plug in your monitor ( if you have spare ) or keyboard and mouse (USB) … 

Retro Gaming Console

Missing your favorite retro games. A lot of emulators online can be downloaded and installed for PC / laptop. Before doing such action, read first the system requirements of a certain emulator.

Entertainment Center

You can use them to watch downloaded movies, mp3 and access streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix. You can also turn it into a TV as long as you have a USB TV Dongle