Repurpose on Old Mobile Devices

Repurpose on Old Mobile Devices


Today, most people use mobile devices. No matter where you go, you can find them on your mobile device. Social media or online games are their main focus. If you like online games or any video games, please come and see what is available on your mobile device. From mobile devices to game consoles. 

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We can turn our old mobile device into a game console, especially if it is Android. But first, we should consider the following: 

  • The storage of your mobile device.
  • The version of your operating system (operating system) 
  • The technical specifications of your mobile device 
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To make our mobile device a game console, we will use a so-called emulator. An emulator is an application program that can simulate a computer system. We can get these types of apps through Playstore or App Store. If you are a saver type, if you are an Android device, there is also a downloadable .apk (Android application package). 

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Note: about the emulator to be used: 

The emulator is supported according to the specifications of your device. This may cause it to slow down or not work properly. So before installing, please check the compatibility of your mobile device. Want to install an emulator and turn your device into a game console?

 If you are a game lover, you missed or want to experience another game console but you don’t have it or the game console you own is broken. Enjoy playing your favorite other game consoles or old game consoles popular at the time.


 What are the popular emulator platforms that can be installed on your mobile device? 

  • NES
  • Psx (Playstation 1) 
  • Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) 
  • Gameboy Advance (GBA) 


You can use a Bluetooth controller as long as it is compatible to the emulator you install.