Technologies that are present in cars

Technology is constantly evolving; there is absolutely no shortage of developments year on year. Whether it be hardware or software things are just getting better.

Here are some of the safety features in cars :

The 360 degree camera 

Absolutely great, especially on larger vehicles. In the recent past, the drivers used to back out of spaces with my arm behind the passenger seats. Now you can

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drivers can focus their eyes on the center console or the screen where they can see the entire car backing up. That doesn’t mean that will not turn their neck to turn and look while parking. Remember that this is just an aid for the drivers to use.

Car 360 Camera

Adaptive Cruse Control 

Which on the highway is actually pretty good. It maintain the speed of the car in front of it is actually pretty cool not a necessity but it not a bad thing essentially it’s like a bat sonar connected to the brakes a radar system detects when something is approaching and it applies to brakes or slows down enough to maintain a good distance.


In-car voice assistance 

This also help you read messages and help you reply to them so you don’t need to lay your hands on the phone to stay connected.


Digital Cluster

Before, old cars uses analog gauges where there are numbers and pointer needles moves. Whereas digital gauges display the actual information that the driver needs. Example, for the speedometer it is very hard to tell the exact speed how fast you are in analog gauges especially when the needle moves to much.

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Passive Keyless Entry

 Is a automotive security system that works consequently when the client is in closeness to the vehicle, opening the entryway on approach or when the entryway handle is pulled and locking it when the owner leaves or contacts the vehicle on exit.

Car Keyless Entry

Power Door Locks 

This may seems look not important to all car owners. Think again, imagine when you’re driving you just drop off your passenger in their destination and you need to lock that door where the used to open without going to that door. Power door locks allows you to lock just by pressing the switch located near the driver’s side.

Car Power Door lock


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