The LimeWire Reborn Will Be a NFT Marketplace

The dead document sharing stage “LimeWire” is making a rebound as Austrian business person siblings Paul Zehetmayr and Julian Zehetmayr purchased the freedoms to LimeWire. They will be relaunching it under another organization, LimeWire GmbH, as another commercial center for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), at first zeroing in on music content.

“LimeWire won’t be an option in contrast to streaming stages, but instead an extra channel for craftsmen to sell selective music and workmanship straightforwardly to gatherers and to draw in with their most faithful local area of fans,” Julian says, Co-CEO and Founder of LimeWire GmbH, making accentuation on their arm “to give specialists full adaptability and control with regards to their substance.”

Already, LiveWire as a record sharing stage, overhauled illicit downloads, and went through claims from the music business and music specialists.


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Recording Industry Association of America’s lawful clash versus LimeWire shut with a USD 105 million settlement over copyright encroachment, bringing about a ‘extremely durable order’ against the organization. The repayments were settled outside of court between previous LimeWire CEO Mark Gorton and different record organizations.

The new group had this in thought and has set up security measures, including the fuse of tough enemy of tax evasion checks and bookkeeping firm Ernst and Young (EY) for reviewing movements of every sort.

The new NFT market site will send off in May, and clients might join a shortlist to be advised about its presentation. Deals will occur in USD, without crypto wallet essential all in all, NFT collectibles can be purchased straightforwardly through Visa, bank move, and different doors.

“We need to eliminate that large number of hindrances and make it simple for individuals to take part, while simultaneously offering an intriguing stage for crypto locals,” says co-CEO Paul.

For the time being, the authors are teaming up with specialists for the production of elite substance. They additionally have a guide for 2022 with plans to extend content to the entertainment world by the final quarter. The new LimeWire additionally focuses on a local area driven way to deal with find new ways specialists can cooperate with their fans.

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