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It’s kinda frustrating if your “out-of-contract phones” cannot be used with other network SIM cards. If you are a postpaid plan subscriber, you’ll have to wait for at least 2 years just to have your contract expired and ready for renewal to unlock those “out of contract” phones by the network provider. Sometimes unlocking from the network providers have limitations where you can use the phone using other network sims for call and text but not the mobile data of the other network.

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Here are some of the tips for unlocking your phones:


Unlock thru network provider:

  • If your phone is already out of contract, better ask the customer service the process for unlocking. The customer service staff will assist you with further instructions


Other Method Changing the CSC Code

NOTE: Make Sure that you have backed-up all the necessary files including contacts from your phone. 




To check your Phone’s IMEI# (International Mobile Equipment Identity), Dial this code *#06# on your phone then copy or take note of your IMEI#1


(Sometimes IMEI# can be found on the sticker at the back of your phone or Go to Settings then” About Phone”)




Dial the code *#272*IMEI# on your phone


Example: *#272*335012345678901#


Then choose your preferred Consumer Software Customization or Country-Specific Code (CSC),


NOTE: If locked to Globe the default selected network of your phone is GLB.(depending on which carrier network it has been locked)

Here’s the list of Country Specific Code (CSC) for your reference;


Philippines (Globe) (GLB)

Philippines (Open Line) (XTC)

Philippines (Smart) (SMA)

Philippines (Sun Cellular) (XTE)

After Choosing what CSC you are going to use, tap/click INSTALL. The phone will reboot and factory reset.

After the entire process, try to do a factory reset to clear all the necessary files, etc.


The process was tried and tested on Samsung J7 Pro.