A Thorough Guide to Travelling to “Boracay of the North” Amid COVID-19

The effect of the pandemic keeps on being felt by organizations around Cagayan Valley, including the travel industry here in Sta. Ana Cagayan. Numerous organizations work with more minor representatives, which could mean longer stand-by times at an eatery or attraction site and possibly diminished hours.

As you make arrangements to travel this summer season, if it’s not too much trouble, make a point to design and get ready for your excursion before leaving your home and health and safety protocols implemented by the province. Take a brief period before you go, and pack your understanding.

Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley: Everything You Need to Know

Who might feel that in the north-easternmost district of the island of Luzon, especially in Sta. Ana, Cagayan, lie fortunes like renowned seashores, other popular eco-tourism destinations, and marine resources?

Sta. Ana town, an “untouched paradise,” an entryway to Asia and the Pacific” is accepted to be “Luzon’s last frontier” and “marine sanctuary.” And the home of Asia’s solitary intuitive gaming ward, the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA), draws in global guests from China, Taiwan, and other far-off nations.

The oceans are wealthy in marine assets, it is named the fishing center of the Cagayan Valley, and it has many marine species. The streams are an asylum to many types of fish beside their black gold deposits, and the mountains are additionally brimming with mineral assets.

Top 5 Tourist Destinations to Visit

  • Palaui Island


Palaui Island lies on the northeastern tip of central area Luzon, under the purview of the town of Sta. Ana a unique financial zone clamoring with current modern foundations and favored with the excellent shore. Despite the turns of events, Sta. Ana is as yet rustic and laid back, projecting differentiating highlights that add to its persona.

  • Anguib Beach


Anguib Beach has turned into the town’s pride, as its picturesque elements deserve it the moniker of Boracay of the north. The Philippine Sea’s incredibly blue, clear waters get together with the fine, white sand along its shores. The waters are peaceful and ooze serenity like no other. For the most part, Waves are as delicate as the breeze that ignores the surface. By and large, around the ocean side, palm trees and other foliage give cover under the tropical sun, adding much more appeal to this captivating scene.

  • Cape Engaño Lighthouse


Cape Engaño is a cape and northern mark of Palaui Island, an island off the northeastern most point of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It is officially essential for the district of Santa Ana in the Cagayan region and is known for its rich green scene, white sand ocean side, and the Cape Engaño Lighthouse.

  • Crocodile Island

The island got its name due to its rock formation, which looks like a crocodile in a good way. This objective is, in many cases, a piece of the island jumping exercises around Palaui. Its brilliant sand may not be delicate, yet it has a natural and absolute appeal that makes it an excellent addition to your itinerary.

  • Nangaramoan Beach

Sta Ana Cagayan is a land loaded with opportunities. It isn’t just known for its online casinos yet additionally for its numerous unique spots. One of them is Nangaramoan Beach. From its gem blue water, rock arrangements, and white coral ocean side, to the rich green timberland, the spot is simply shouting magnificence.


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Sta. Ana invests wholeheartedly in its environment, the white and brilliant sand, new blue water, and the pleasant perspective on various seashores and heavenly places of interest.

Sta. Ana has various reasons to rival distinguished tourist destinations of the Philippines. The tiny islands, bays, and beaches offer different sorts of undertakings to travelers, various encounters that each guest will treasure all through their life.