An Alternative Place to Boracay , Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is in the northern locale of Cebu Island, and is essential for a gathering of islands in the Visayan Sea. 


Bantayan is available by ship and is a two-hour ride from the port of Hagnaya, only west of Bogo City. 


Just as the widely inclusive regular magnificence, there are parts to investigate. For instance, during low tide, a few of distant islands are available by foot; while others make for an incredible island bouncing experience on a leased pump boat.

For those who love history, the island has 18 watchtowers fortress built du the mid-sixteenth to the late seventeenth century to secure against Moro Muslim privateer assaults. 

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The occupants of Bantayan Island called the fortifications “Bantayan sa Hari”, signifying “Lookouts of the Kings”. 

In the late piece of the seventeenth century, the normal admonition of privateer assaults was “Bantayan, Bantayan”, signifying “keep watch, keep a watch” and throughout the long term this name stuck. 

Too bad, little remaining parts of the lookouts today.

Bantayan Island is regularly alluded to as “the serene form of Boracay” as it has a similar white sand seashores and wonderful coastlines yet without the groups. 

The individuals who truly need to move away from everything should go to the west side of the island where mangrove woods give an extraordinary chance to get completely drenched in nature. 

The island is likewise amazing for swimming and diving , with bountiful marine life, including some wonderful multi-colored starfish.


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