Best Tourist Spots In Masbate Philippines

Masbate is an island province in the Bicol Region with outstanding natural tourist spots and renowned festivals. The province is coined as the rodeo capital of the Philippines for its annual rodeo festival. 

Here are some of the best tourist spots in Masbate.

Manta Bowl – It is one of the best tourist attractions in Masbate, a diving spot off the coast of Ticao Island. There are several recognized diving spots on Ticao Island, but the world-famous one is the manta ray, which is located in the plankton-rich waters of Ticao Pass. It is a feeding station for manta rays and is called “Manta Ray Capital of the Philippines”.

Pawa Mangrove Park – It is one of Masbate’s most famous tourist attractions, with 300 hectares of mangrove plantations and a 1.3 km long wooden bridge with wooden walkway pavilions across the sea. This is an ideal destination for nature lovers and bird watchers, especially at low tide when wild birds forage in the salt marshes.

Catandayagan Falls is an extraordinary waterfall in Masbate, one of the island-hopping destinations on Ticao Island. The waterfall is located on the west side of Ticao Island, which is a very rare sight. The water from the top of the cliff falls directly into the sea about 60 feet high. With the permission of the local guide, you can approach the waterfall and swim in the fresh waters. In summer, a small amount of cascading water is expected, but in the rainy season, its brilliance is dazzling. A 1-hour boat ride from Masbate city to the waterfall.

Porta Vega Beach is another famous beach on the mainland of Masbate Island. The beach is the preferred destination for weekend getaways of locals and foreign tourists in the province because of its wide extension and very long white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Two of the many reasons why it stands out, one is that it is interestingly lined with dwarf coconut trees on the expansive shoreline beach, and the other is the small domed church on the beach with paintings, pictures and Latin words. Surrounding words . It takes 30 minutes to get there by boat from the pier.

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Butod Sandbar and Reef Marine Sanctuary is one of the best tourist attractions in Masbate, a 250-hectare coral reef and marine reserve located off the coast of the capital. The main attractions of the reserve are its iconic sandbanks and planted mangroves. The site is a famous picnic spot in the province, and you can find some sunshades there. The long sandbar is surrounded by clear and calm waters, filled with corals and marine life, such as giant clams, which are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. A 20-minute boat ride from Rendezvous Hotel docks. Butod Sandbar and Reef Marine Sanctuary is located in Masbate town of Masbate.

Palani White Beach is considered to be the most famous white sand beach in Masbate Province. This is a 10 km long white sand beach dotted with coconut trees and some Nipa huts in a secluded bay on the southwest coast of Barud. The vast and long white sandy beach is very suitable for beach sports such as beach volleyball and Frisbee. This is a gently sloping boardwalk and calm water, where visitors can adjust the comfortable depth for swimming. There is a resort in the area, which is designed with nature-friendly facilities for tourists to stay in. The white sandy beach of Palani is located in Balud on Masbate Island.

Sombrero Island– it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Masbate and is part of an island hopping tour between Brias and Anima Sola and Tinari Sayan. In fact, this island is composed of two small islands separated by a small strip of sea water, one of which is vast, a long white sand beach, a sandbar, and a resort with native huts. At the same time, the other is the iconic hat-shaped island with small white sand beaches, various rock formations and waters full of marine life.

Animasola Island – it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Masbate, an impressive and beautiful rock island. The island is mainly composed of fascinating sedimentary rock formations that form parallel lines, and most tourists describe it as an old book falling from the sky. As imaginative as tourists, there are several famous landmarks on the island, such as a small lagoon with a rock in the center, a mermaid’s lair, and an extraordinary natural carved independent rock formation on the east side of the island. It is possible to climb to the top of the rock formation, but seek the help of a guide. The island of Animasola is located in San Pascual on the island of Masbate Burias.

Tinalisayan Island is another beautiful natural attraction located on the east coast of Burias Island. The main attractions on the island are its beautiful long stretch and clear turquoise waters, which are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. In addition, the island is surrounded by a long stretch of white sand beaches, mixed with corals, rock formations, slate groups for rock balance art lovers, and a few trees in the center. In order to enjoy the magnificent view, visitors can walk on the extraordinary rocky mountain overlooking the sandbank and sea level. Tinalisayan Island is located in San Pascual on Masbate Burias Island.