Ditumabo Mom Falls

Ditumabo Falls the Majestic gushes forth from up high. The dazzling white of its waters stunningly versus the lush eco-friendly rainforest that exists on either side of it. The incredible waterfall is likewise known as Mom Falls because it is the largest and grandest in the location.

While the waterfall gets to 15 meters in elevation, its picturesque setup makes it a beautiful place to spend time, although it can get crowded during the weekends. After trekking for an hour through the forest to get to the drops, nothing defeats bathing in the clear pool that exists at its foot and indulging in the incredible landscapes all around you.

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Minalungao National Forest

Developed in 1967 to shield and protect the picturesque Penaranda River and its environments, Minalungao National Park is home to a few of the most beautiful and immaculate nature in Central Luzon.

As it is advertised as an ecotourism destination by the city government, it ought to come as no surprise to discover that the national park has a wide range of outstanding exterior tasks for you to appreciate, with hiking, rock climbing, and also ziplining all available.

Along with this, you can additionally go swimming or kayaking on the river– or even rafting and also cliff diving if you feel brave enough. While its variety of outdoor tasks will maintain you amused for days, the scenery on the program is equally as jailing; the emerald waters of the river are beautifully mounted by glimmering limestone formations impending over it.

Magalawa Island

Lying just off the west shore of Central Luzon and also bordered by the flashing waters of the China Sea, Magalawa Island is a superb place to head to if you’re searching for a quiet getaway.

With gorgeous white sand coastlines lining its coasts as well as gently swaying palm trees anywhere you look, Magalawa paints a quiet image. There’s absolutely nothing far better than lounging on the coastline all the time while absorbing the spectacular surroundings.

As it is still relatively undeveloped, the island habitat is extremely unblemished. Therefore, it is suitable for nature enthusiasts, while outside fanatics will likewise celebrate the outstanding rafting and snorkeling on offer. Along with this, taking a beautiful boat trip around the island and bordering waters is merely a must. This is Amazing and special magical at sunset when the waves shimmer and also shimmer before your eyes.

Corregidor Island

With lots of interesting historical sights to check out and a wealth of great forest courses and seaside tracks for you to hike or cycle along, Corregidor Island is well worth seeing when in Central Luzon.

Due to its critical place at the entrance to Manila Bay, Corregidor has long been fortified. Many individuals now see Fort Mills and the different anti-aircraft artillery batteries erected to protect the Philippines’ funding throughout the 2nd World War.

While the falling apart strongholds, memorials, and WWII sights are what make Corregidor Island among the most popular traveler destinations in the nation, and its spectacular views are likewise well worth taking a look at.

Mount Pinatubo

Simply stunning to consider, Mount Pinatubo is a must-visit when in Central Luzon. While the marvelous mountains and volcanoes that dot the landscape are breathtakingly lovely, it is the glimmering crater lake that exists at their heart that is the absolute star of the show.

Hemmed in by towering optimal, the blue-green waters glimmer and beam underneath the midday sun, and the lake’s color incredibly alters throughout the year, relying on the season.

Formed over centuries, the volcanic area creates some lovely walking. Lots of mountaineers are concerned about Mount Pinatubo climbing its different optimal. One of the most stunning all-natural sights in the Philippines, Mount Pinatubo, will establish your heart for auto racing.


Lined by attractive hand trees and also overlooked by magnificent hills off in the distance, the village of Baler is a very laidback location to check out, and the surroundings on the program are glamorous.

Famed for its white sand beach and browsing areas that appeared in the famous movie Armageddon Currently, Baler is honored when it pertains to its picturesque setting. If you’re up for some checking out, the surrounding area has some remarkable coastlines and waterfalls.

Despite being founded right back in 1609, there aren’t any historical or social attractions of note in the community. Many people come to settle back and relax on the coastline or require to the waves and surf throughout the day in the sun; it’s an excellent destination for sun-worshippers and coastline fans.

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