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Siniloan, the province of Laguna’s north-easternmost town, lies nestled at the foot of Sierra Madre. It is appropriately named “The Waterfalls Sanctuary of Eastern Laguna” because of the numerous waterfalls found along with its various river systems.

At least thirteen waterfalls exist in Siniloan, with maybe more that have yet to be discovered. The most popular are tucked away on Mount Romelo, on the Sierra Madre Mountain Range’s southwest boundary.

Mt Romelo

Mount Romelo is part of a magnificent mountain range in Siniloan, Laguna. It is a member of the Sierra Madre mountain range, and the mountain is surrounded by a beautiful forest and several spectacular waterfalls.

Trekking Mount Romelo is a reasonably straightforward and gratifying undertaking, with a summit elevation of only 240 meters above sea level. In the form of its gorgeous cascades, this modest mountain, more of a hill, hides a lot of stunning surprises. There aren at least nine waterfalls throughout the area, the bulk of which are minor and only a fifteen to thirty-minute stroll from the campground, but we only saw seven of them overnight.

The seven that we saw are as follows:

Buruwisan Falls

Buruwisan Falls, the most famous and most magnificent waterfall in Mount Romelo, is accessible from the campsite. It is located along the Siniloan River, with the water falling into a vast natural pool from a height of around fifty meters.

Lanzones Falls

Lanzones Falls is only a few meters away from Buruwisan Falls. Although it is small in size, it has its unique appeal. Before reaching the water of Buruwisan Falls, the water drops from a height of around thirty meters to a small shallow pool.

Sampaloc Falls

The beautiful Sampaloc Falls are another towering waterfall on Mount Romelo. It’s around forty feet tall and is upstream of Buruwisan Falls, with the water cascading into another massive circular basin. The trail leading here is dotted with Durian trees, and if you happen to come across any ripe ones, consider it a good day.

Diwata Falls

Diwata Falls is one of Mount Romelo’s lesser-known waterfalls, and it’s a minor cascade at the summit of Sampaloc Falls, with a shallow but deep catch basin.

Batya Batya Falls

Batya-Batya Falls is a two-level waterfall formed of two small cascades that tumble into circular tub-like basins, hence Batya-Batya. It is located upstream of Buruwisan Falls and downstream of Sampaloc Falls and is also known as Guiling-Guiling Falls. The best way to get there is to walk from Sampaloc Falls to the top cascade and then to the lower waterfall.

Sapang Labo Falls

Sapang Labo, located east of Buruwisan Falls, is another unusual waterfall. It has two levels: the upper level is about five meters high and has a tiny and shallow catch basin, while the lower level is about two meters high and has a more significant but shallower catch basin.

Binaytuan Falls

Apart from these seven, Mount Romelo is home to two other known waterfalls: Sebakon Falls, which is claimed to be located further downstream of Binaytuan Falls, and the tough Twin Falls, which only a few dare to visit due to its difficulty.


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Visiting Laguna

The primary artery to this incredible destination is the South Expressway, with exits in San Pedro, Binan, Sta Rosa, Cabuyao, and Calamba. 

Through the Laguna de Bay road network, the eastern route follows Ortigas Avenue through the municipalities of Rizal and on to the eastern towns of Laguna.

CALABARZON (Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Rizal-Quezon) route- This region’s highway system and well-developed road network make it easy and convenient to travel between neighbouring provinces for tourism, trade, and commerce.

Major bus companies frequent the well-developed roadways to and from Metro Manila and inside the CALABARZON. In Pasay City, bus terminals may be found on Buendia and Taft Avenues and EDSA.