Nayon Landing – The New Manila Bay

The Nayon Landing is an integrated resort that would become the newest development within the entertainment city of Manila Bay. It is also one of the most expensive projects within the reclaimed land as it boasts an estimated cost of over a massive budget like this will absolutely make itself a piece that would be noble enough to be placed in.

The entertainment City of Parañaque, as it is composed of the greatest structures the country has, Nayon Landing’s architectural design is said to symbolize the rich culture and heritage of the Philippines. It will have an indoor Cultural Theme Park and a Water Park.

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It would imply that the entertainment given by Nayon Landing would showcase the unique factors that foreigners wouldn’t normally see. The best highlight of this project, however, isn’t its artistic-themed entities but rather, it would have Asia’s first and largest indoor movie-based theme park.

A considerably grand move to make the country more known to the world, this is also a valuable idea as the entertainment city is quite recognized to be filled with casinos that were just typically targeted to adults. But now that something like this has come to light, it would be time to see the place be an attraction for the younger people as well.

Theme parks are not the only ones that would symbolize the culture, but they would likewise include the different food languages, iconic futures, and so on. It was reported that they would showcase miniature and actual models of various Philippines destinations. That would mean we may see a mini Bohol or a mini Boracay inside this development, quite an exciting feature indeed.

To make sure that this will really live up to its expectations, they are also planning to have province-speaking resort staff, a chance for making job opportunities rise within the provincial places. The contractors of this scheme are an entity coming from Hong Kong called the Landing International Development Corporation while they’re based in Hong Kong. Most of their projects reside mostly in South Korea; they are the ones behind Jeju Shinhwa World, a world-renowned hotel and resort, as it comprises two of the most luxurious accommodation brands, which are Marriott Resorts and Four Seasons Resorts.

Rest assured with this project as according to its executives they will at least 80 of its employees directly from the local people where an estimated over 10 000 jobs are to be created.