Tourist spots every visitor should see in Camarines Norte.

Camarines Norte is focused on agriculture mining, jewelry craft, and cultivating coconut and pineapple.

But there is more to this lush region than what meets the eye here are 10 must-see Camarines Norte Tourist spots you shouldn’t miss.

Calaguas Islands there is no shortage of powdery white sand and pristine blue waters at the Calaguas Island the best part about these islands is that you can camp out and even eat fresh seafood after getting it fresh from the ocean.

Bagasbas Beach - Camarines Norte
Bagasbas Beach – The Bagasbas beach has four kilometers of a stretch of fine
gray sand and moderate to big waves. The waves are consistent all year round and have sandy bottoms that make it one of the safest surfing grounds in the country.

Siete Picados Mercedes Group of Islands – this is one of the best places to visit as it comes as a package deal There are seven islands in total: Apuao Grande Island ,Apuao Pequena, Canimog, Canron Caringo, Malasugui, and Quinapagan. They all have pristine fine white sand beaches and turquoise waters to swim in.

Mercedes Island

Mampurog River- this is a hidden surprise in a unique attraction that is beginning to be discovered by tourists. It has a deep cold and crystal water to bathe and relax in the lush foliage is a scenic background

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Malatap falls – This low-rise waterfall isn’t as majestic as the other falls in the area but it does draw tourists to visit. Nevertheless, its big boulders in the clear blue waters against the lush forest and greenery are nothing short of a magical location Labo Camarines Norte.

Mahabang Buhangin – a long stretch of powdery white sandwich crystal clear waters that rival those of Boracay, though it isn’t crowded by numerous commercial establishments which makes it a relaxing place to go to the lush foliage and rolling hills make a beautiful contrast to the white shores.

Colasi Falls -this natural water feature towers at 70 feet high and is tucked into the natural formation of the land. It is mostly surrounded by cliffs and greenery the basin is deep and wide which makes it perfect for swimming part of the excitement is going near the cascading falls via a bamboo raft.

These are some of the best tourist destinations in Camarines Norte. You can discover or visit other wonderful places in that province.