Travel Place within the Metro : Taguig City

The authority trademark of Taguig is “Prepare to stun the world, Dream Big, “Think Big, Dream Big, I love Taguig”. It appears to be fitting thinking that Taguig has seen a blast in development in the course of recent a very long time in their economy and framework. What used to be a drowsy fishing town that made the majority of their cash from produce, Taguig is currently a flourishing city that is staying aware of any semblance of Manila and Quezon City. 

With business and way of life regions crossing more than 70-sections of land, you best accept that nightlife in Taguig is on point. There are huge loads of open air eating roads to interest the business workers in the city and bunches of upscale cafés for those with a more sophisticated sense of taste.

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Here are some of the best areas to visit in Taguig when travelling to Metro Manila.:


  1. BGC or the Bonifacio Global Center

Bonifacio Global City is a business center point known for breathtaking shopping areas. Like Bonifacio High Street, filled up with huge name brands and lead stores. Upscale worldwide eateries blend in with mixed drink bars, hip bistros, and standard dance clubs. 


  1. Venice Grand Canal

It really looks like the sinking city of Venice! This open-air shopping mall aims to replicate Venetian architecture, flanked by bright blue canals that can be crossed by charming sidewalks. There is even a lovely bridge where you can write a message of heartfelt love on the lock and hang it on the bridge for eternal memory.

Venice Grand Canal - Taguig


  1. Mercado Del Lago

Mercado del Lago (Lakeside Market) offers a unique dining experience. Guests can enjoy their meals while enjoying the panoramic view. The best part is that it is in Metro Manila. It is the perfect new gathering place for food and nature lovers.


  1. Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

The former Fort William McKinley Air Force Base is home to the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial. The 150-acre tombstone is meticulously laid out and stretches to the horizon. This cemetery contains the remains of American soldiers who served in the Philippines from 1941 to 1942, as well as soldiers who fought and died in New Guinea. Among the people buried here, 23 are the recipients of the Medal of Honor who fought all over the Philippines.


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