Travel To BORACAY 2021

But with so many beautiful summer destinations in the Philippines to choose from, where do you even start? Whether you’re into relaxing in a comfortable paradise, or more into off-the-beaten-path discoveries, Boracay is a perfect place that fits your liking.

When we talk about Philippines Beaches, Boracay comes first to mind. And now that it has gone under a 6-month rehabilitation, the island has become cleaner and more beautiful. There are several travel guidelines you have to follow if you are considering traveling to Boracay anytime soon.

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Boracay Travel Requirements:

Get a RT-PCR Covid Test

It is important to note here that your flight departure date needs to be within 72 hours after you were tested, so not after you received the result. You can do a saliva or nose swab test, both negative results are accepted.

Roundtrip Flight

You should book your flight to Boracay Airport in Caticlan. You are required to wear a face shield and face masks.

Confirmed  DOT accredited Hotel Booking

Due to the pandemic it now also needs to have a Certificate of Authority to Operate. So you have to make sure to book only at a DOT accredited hotel.


Fill out Health Declaration Form 

You’ll need your flight and hotel booking info for this as well as your ID. You have to fill out the health declaration form here:


S-Pass is the Philippines’ national contact tracing system which is mostly required by airports and seaports. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account or login
  3. Once logged in click on “Are you traveling?”
  4. Answer the questions in the questionnaire that follows
  5. Click “Apply for Travel Coordination Permit”
  6. Fill out the application form


The QR code is Aklan’s local contact tracing system, and the official recommendation is to request it at least 12 hours before your departure. Once you have your QR code, make sure to not to lose it.

That’s it, you’re now ready to travel to Boracay. ENJOY YOUR VACATION