Unique Transportation in the Philippines

Unique Transportation in the Philippines

Traveling in the Philippines is absolutely amazing to experience especially for first-time visitors. You’ll be surprised to know that trains, taxis planes and buses are not the only way to get around with over 7000 islands the Philippines has various modes of transportation which makes it easy to get to places especially in remote areas where traveling can be tough because roads are not yet developed.

Here are some unique modes of transportation you’ll see in the Philippines

The Jeepney

Jeepney - InPlay Asia -Travel

Riding a jeepney is a convenient and most common way of traveling in the Philippines. Touted as the king of the road. These jeepneys are used everywhere in the country and it comes in different lengths 

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The tricycle

Tricycle - InPlay Asia - Travel

Many foreign tourists come to the Philippines to experience the ride with these three-wheeled vehicles. Tricycles are motorcycles with a sidecar attached and are they usually less visible on major highways in the country. These tricycles are available in both cities and provinces throughout the Philippines but are regularly noticed around towns, subdivisions, and side streets

Pedicab / Padyak

Pedicab - InPlay Asia - Travel

If a motorcycle with a sidecar is called a tricycle another very similar means of transport in the country is the pedicab. This is a bicycle with a sidecar attached to it pedicabs are more commonly known as “padyak” in the Philippines. Pedicabs are usually only allowed on small streets, and towns but you may also sometimes see them on national roads.


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 This is an improvised vehicle made from a hand tractor usually used in farming attached to a trailer for transportation (seen in some provinces in the Philippines).  In some parts of Metro Manila, Kuliglig is a modified pedicab type with a motor (used in small fishing boats) and use as an alternative transportation.

The Habal habal.

Habal Habal - Inplay Asia Habal Habal

To avoid the heavy traffic especially around metro manila and other busy cities around the country, Filipinos have thought of a fast and a convenient way to reach their destination. Habal habal is simply a motorbike or a motorcycle with a driver for rent.  This is also known as the motorcycle taxi which is a licensed form of transportation in some countries. Habal habal is also a popular way of traveling in many provinces around the Philippines, especially in mountainous and remote areas with rough and narrow roads.