Things you can do with your old smartphones

Some of the awesome things that you can do with an old smartphone. Now even if you have a really old Android smartphone, chances are you’ll be able to use a lot of these things. These are actually practical things that can be used on Android phones in the past. 


Using your old Android phone as a GPS

A lot of people don’t realize about smartphones is 99% of them have a GPS unit built into them now that GPS unit on its own offline.


Using Phone As Security Hubs

Digital home security systems are very popular, but they are usually expensive. You can avoid spending money on the new home security system by converting your old phone to a cheaper one. With Wi-Fi and a built-in high-resolution camera, your phone can be used to monitor your home 24 hours a day.


Mini Entertainment Console

We all know that smartphones are capable of playing our favorite , watch movies and even play games. There are apps available that you can download in the play store or App Store especially when you want to turn it into a gaming console. If your smartphone is OTG capable you can turn it into mini tv using the dongle TV which is available even in online stores.



The dashcam is an additional safety item in your car. You can record traffic accidents and accidents, whether they occur around you or accidents and accidents that you are involved in, you may need a digital copy. Although the dashcam is relatively cheap, why buy a ready-made camera in the form of an old mobile phone? Purchase amount to connect your phone to the car dashboard, then connect the car charger to the power source and download the Dashcam app. You will have your camera ready when you need it most.

These are some of the best things you can do with your old smartphone. It may look silly but it can help reduce waste instead of disposing of it. 


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